February 16th, 2019
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2/16/19, at gym:
  Warm up: .10 mile walking
  Treadmill: 30min, 3.0mph, 7.0 degree incline, 6.0 mets, 1.5 mi
  Stationary Cycle:  10 min, level 5, 73rpms, 5.7mets (lets call it .50mi walking equivalent)
  Arm machine: 6min, 5mets, 59rpm (lets call it .1 walking equivalent)
  Cool down: .10 mile walking

Today, eor travelled 2.3 miles on the journey from Bag End to Rivendell.

Followed the lane lower into a fold of hills with hazel on the slopes on each side.
Turned off the path on a green ride through the thickets.
Camped at Woody End, on a green floor in the wood roofed by the boughs of trees.
Scrambled down hill into the thick trees below.

A total of 46.13 miles along the way.

Generated by Eor's Walk Tool inspired by Eowyn Challenge.net
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Free million-dollar idea from [personal profile] phoenixchilde’s and my road trip down to Ocean City: a Roomba-style lawnmower with a crop circle setting.

In other news, being away from Ira is hARD but being away from New York with excellent people in a brand-new place is GREAT.
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Haven't done one of these in a couple months. Don't seem to be watching a lot of tv/movies that's not retreads for fic, or comfort rewatching.

She-Ra: The Princesses of Power Season One
Really enjoyed it, but have zero fannish feels. I am looking forward to seeing where the story goes over the next four seasons.

Doctor Who: "Resolution"
This was an episode that existed. Felt like 30-minutes of plot stretched into an hour of episode. Liked Ryan's dad. Did not like the oddly sexual tentacle monster. The Doctor grandstanding was good. Want to own the scarf. (Does the bbc shop sell them?) Hope next series has more guest writers.

The Innocents: 1x01 "The Start of Us"
Nenya and I were calling this "The Hot Ux Show" because one of the leads was in Doctor Who. The title of the show is actually The Innøcents, which I believe is meant to make me think of Nordic thrillers, and mostly makes me laugh. This is a Netflix thing about a couple of teenagers, one of whom probably has super powers, on the run from creepy parents, creepy secret organisations, and creepiness generally. Abandoned due to too much threatening looming and bad lighting, and not caring about teenagers as a rule.

(I'm realising that if the main characters of a show are under 20, my chances of giving a shit about them is much lower.)

Our Kind of Traitor (2016)
*sighs* So I was stuck on shithole island with nothing else to do but watch this movie, and I still ended up skimming through scenes towards the end. I don't know how different this is from the book, and I usually like le Carré, but this wasn't doing it for me. I was watching for Damian Lewis (I was promised he doesn't play a rapist in this one), and he was enjoyable, and Stellan Skarsgård was clearly having a lot of fun as an utterly over the top and terrified mobster, but the main plot was so boring, omg!

The central character was Ewan McGregor playing a meek and failed husband to power lawyer Naomie Harris (If you're thinking I'd rather be watching a movie where Naomie Harris's character was the lead, you're guessing correctly). Over the course of the movie, he finds that the core of his character is that Modest Bravery that Is Typical of the British Character. There's a scene where he gets in a physical fight to protect a woman (there actually several of these scenes), and Harris sees him do it, and then after being A Frigid Bitch before (because he was cheating on her!) gently takes his hand. Readers, my eyes rolled so hard that they fell out of my head and bounced off the table onto the floor. I'm willing to take that kind of character if he's played by Ralph Fiennes, but McGregor doesn't have the chops for it.

Ocean's Eight (2018)
As with previous Oceans movies, this one coasted entirely on rule of cool and the charm of an incredibly charming cast. I enjoyed it immensely, laughed a lot, and have several ships. I hope they make several more with this cast.
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(with bonus note that my tags now mention the year 2020, which is definitely The Future, aaargh)
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It’s very good and I highly recommend watching it.

Highlights for those who do not fear (slightly cryptic) spoilers: )
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This isn't a bad story, though it does somewhat waste the Second Doctor. In many ways, it is a delight to see the Second Doctor and Jamie back again.* Though the Second Doctor has changed a bit - it's not really like him to police Jamie's language.** We also see Servalan escaping from the Blake's 7 universe to plot with Sontarans.
One of the weaker feature is that the Doctor does spend a lot of time basically gaslighting Peri, and saying she's imagining things. She's not. She then acts like a lemming, possibly because she's really annoyed. Also, the Doctor's quips come across as very cruel.
However, the setting is very good. The baddies' plan is mildly inexplicable (or at least overcomplicated). And Oscar gets a good death scene.

*Though after reading the complicated fan theories, sometimes one does begin to revise this opinion.

** Echoes of Doctors past abound - there are jelly babies, and a recorder.

Name-dropping: we find the Doctor's card case, so mention Archimedes, Brunel, Columbus, Dante, Da Vinci (which we knew already).

We learn that Time Lords use symbiotic nuclei to control Tardises. (Though we're not sure why.) Also, the Doctor has been to Seville at some previous point.

Dr look:0
Dr gnu: 0 (but the Doctor does kill Shockeye with Chekov's jar of cyanide)
Dr dead: 1 (Ep 2: Jamie thinks the 2nd Dr is dead)
Hypnotised stoat: 1 (Ep 2: The 6th Doctor hypnotises Jamie)
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This is a pretty good story for the Sixth Doctor era.* We've got Nabil Shaban (one of the rare disabled actors you'll see in Who), creating the character of Sil, who is wonderfully evil. We've also got a rent-a-Martin-Jarvis. Once again, the military equipment designers should be fired, because the anti-hallucination helmets have a very limited field of view. No wonder they can't shoot straight.

* However, there are a number of problematic tropes that will wander past for your consideration. Like the fact that the black members of the cast are dressed in fetish gear and are silent. And a facially scarred villain. Admittedly, it's the results of his own stoaty experiments, but we don't tend to see facially scarred goodies. And it contains a Jason Connery, the world's most wooden actor.

Dr look:0
Dr gnu: 4 (Ep 1: the Dr uses the execution machine to sheet at guards; Ep2: the Dr brandishes a gun at Quilon, and the Dr shoots part of the equipment, and then sets a death-trap for the baddies, which isn't technically a gun, but is definitely not very pacifisit.)
Dr dead: 1 (Ep2: Peri)
Hypnotised stoat: 0
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So we started watching the newly released Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, based on Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance's award-winning comic books.

... Number 5, the time-traveling adult trapped in the body of a small child, was kind of my favorite in the comic book, and part of the weirdness was obviously how young he looked. They made him 13 in the series, and the actor who played him was 14 for filming (which makes him 15 this year).

He looked familiar to me (he wasn't, he just looks a bit like someone else) and so, trying to place him, I looked him up on IMDb and his biography hit me with this:

Within a few months he had booked two network pilots, a film starring Tyler Blackburn, and an episode of "Modern Family." [...] In June 2018, Aidan made history becoming the youngest United Nations Ambassador of all time after five years of working as an Ambassador to numerous environmental organizations. [...] Aidan is currently recording his first album as a solo artist and plans a world tour following the release between seasons of The Umbrella Academy.

After we paused the show I read it more carefully and found that all-important phrase, "[h]is father being in the industry". Since the author of this wordy, over-capitalized and eccentrically-punctuated tale had also written one other bio, I clicked and discovered from his dad's even more bewildering bio that he was in film production/finance (and a paragraph of other things, all after "Intelligence field"). LOL.

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One-candleThis week we’re in parashat Tetzaveh. The Torah portion takes its name from its first word, which means "You shall command." (It comes from the same root as mitzvah, commandment.) God is telling Moses to command us to kindle an eternal light in the mishkan, the portable sanctuary. That's a mitzvah that we still fulfill, with the eternal light in every sanctuary.

The Hasidic master known as the Sfat Emet reads this verse in a beautiful way. First he notes the verse from Proverbs, "The candle of God is the soul of a human being." When we are in dark places, we light a candle to help us see. And God’s response to dark places is us -- we are the candles that God lights in order to bring light into the world. It’s our job to bring light.

I want to say that again, because it's so beautiful to me. We are God's candles. There's a ner tamid (eternal light) in every synagogue sanctuary, but the point of that lamp isn't just to be a lamp: it's there to remind us that it's our job to be sources of light in the darkness. The darkness of grief, the darkness of cruelty, the darkness of fear. We can dispel those with our light.

That word tetzaveh, "you shall command" -- the Sfat Emet reads it creatively to mean, "you shall bring mitzvot into the souls of the children of Israel, so that they themselves become mitzvot." Bring mitzvot into our souls, and we ourselves will become mitzvot -- holy acts, connected at our root to the Source of all goodness. That’s what it means to be a light in the world.

The blessing for a mitzvah -- lighting Shabbat candles, or affixing a mezuzah -- contains the words אשר קדשנו במצוותיו / asher kidshanu b'mitzvotav, "Who makes us holy in connecting-command." The Sfat Emet is saying that this goes deeper than just blessing God Who gives us mitzvot. When we bring mitzvot into our hearts, we ourselves become connections with God. 

Rabbi Art Green writes in his commentary on the Sfat Emet that this is actually the purpose of our lives as Jews: to so thoroughly embody the mitzvot that we ourselves become mitzvot. To so thoroughly embody Jewish practices and values that they become who we are. And maybe that's another way of saying what Proverbs says, that our souls can be God's candles.

In Proverbs we read that a mitzvah is a candle and Torah is light. A mitzvah is a candle, an opportunity to bring light into the world. And Torah is light -- we sing those words every time we dress the Torah scroll, תורה אורה / Torah orah!  For our mystics, the physical Torah we study in this world is a stand-in for the supernal Torah on high, and that Torah, the real Torah, is light.

So let's recap: our souls are light -- we're God's candles. The mitzvot are light -- they too are candles waiting to be lit. And Torah is light. Which takes me to the other words we sing when we're dressing the Torah, from the Zohar: ישראל ואורייתא וקודשא בריך הוא חד הוה  / Yisrael v'oraita v'kudsha brich hu chad hu, "Israel, and the Torah, and the Holy One of Blessing, are all One." 

Us, and Torah, and God: the Zohar teaches that these are all fundamentally one. Our deepest essence is that we are One with Torah, we are One with God, we are One with the source of all light. Right now it's Shabbes: we can bask in that light. And in the new week, we can strive to live it -- to embody Torah, to embody the mitzvot -- so that we can be bearers of light in the world.


This is the d'varling I offered at CBI on Shabbat morning, and is cross-posted to my From the Rabbi blog.

Offered here with gratitude to my Bayit hevre for studying the Sfat Emet with me each week.


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Drove over to Home Despot and bought a bag of sand for our back steps and walk, where we can't use ice-melter, and a tub of ice-melter for the driveway and sidewalk.  This has been a winter of iced surfaces.
oursin: Photograph of James Miranda Barry, c. 1850 (James M Barry)

That Dr James Miranda Barry would have wished to be remembered for outstanding achievement in the fields of medicine, surgery, and sanitary and hygienic reform.

That if, by some miracle, Barry were to be transported into the present day, I think the things that would be arousing the famed incandescent fury would be things like anti-vaxxers ('they've eradicated smallpox and people are wilfully refusing to prevent measles??!!') and advanced societies unable to guarantee a clean water supply to all citizens, that sort of thing.

And that Wakefield would find himself in receipt of challenges, if not Barry, with a sword, on his doorstep.

We doubt, however, that however remarkable, without some additional cause of interest, a pioneering doctor and sanitary reformer would have generated over a period of several decades a number of novels and biographies (going back at least to 1932).

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I would really like to go to Eastercon this year, but anxiety brain is making me second and third guess myself about my ability to deal with the full con experience. I know I’ve done three years of Nine Worlds, but the central London location made it really easy to stay off site and for T to come too and just go off and do his own thing during the days; that’s not going to work for Eastercon so it would just be me by myself and I’m a bit worried about how that would go. (It doesn’t help that Easter is so late this year I won’t be able to take recovery time the week after, as it’s 0th week of term and work will be busy.)

Reassurances, encouragement and stories of how to survive a con as the kind of sociable introvert who absolutely loves the right kind of interactions with people right up to the point where she goes splat and tends not to be great at pacing would be appreciated here!
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Poll #21392 What is an Oprah?
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Biggest loose end in SG-1 is

View Answers

never mentioning Jack's ex-wife again after she is traumatically exposed to the doppelganger of their dead son, nightmare fuel WTF
2 (40.0%)

Joseph Faxon left behind with the Achen
0 (0.0%)

whether Teal'c will tell anyone what happened on the lifetime they don't remember
3 (60.0%)

something else I will elaborate in comments
0 (0.0%)

Everyone (so like the whole ensemble) acting like Vala was being childish and stupid for having boundaries with her father (who seems like a deadbeat at best and emotionally abusive at worst) is an asshole.

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2 (40.0%)

also yes
1 (20.0%)

and it burns me up
1 (20.0%)

and me think less of all of them
1 (20.0%)

Jonas Quinn:

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breath of fresh air
0 (0.0%)

wish he'd stayed on as a regular
1 (25.0%)

could never take the place of my Daniel!!
2 (50.0%)

totally survived the Dominion :(
1 (25.0%)

something else I will elaborate in comments
0 (0.0%)

Pete, Sam's fiance, totally gets written out of character in one episode to make him look like a buffoon so she can dump him.

View Answers

accurate assessment and stupid writing
0 (0.0%)

yes, but Sam/Jack forever!!!
1 (20.0%)

yes, but I am not interested in the show where she marries him so whatever
4 (80.0%)

Something else you will tell me about
0 (0.0%)

Best episode of the show is....

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Air temperature 30 F, wind WNW about 5 mph, windchill 25. Managed a zero-falls walk for the newspaper. Sunny with scattered clouds, which may melt some of the ice from yesterday's rain. So it can refreeze tonight . . .

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So yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and then spent the rest of the day painting our guestroom. It had been a soft yellow for quite a few years, and that was okay, but the walls had been really scraped up and it was just looking really bad. It's a very bright room so I tried something different and painted it a fairly dark blue. It took me from about 11:30 or so to 4:00, but it looks really good, even without the furniture and everything in place. I have a ton of touch-up to do and I need to re-paint the white trim, but I should be able to get that done this weekend.
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I was cleaning my glasses and I guess I put too much pressure on the hinge because they just... broke. In a not really reparable way. Happily, I still have my old pair (same prescription) as a backup, but unhappily the reason I had the new pair was that the old pair was pretty scratched up, so I still need to replace them. Ugh.

(Also, reading along what everybody stocks in their pantries. Haven't forgotten to reply!)


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I’m frightfully busy these weeks and could watch this episode only ten minutes or so at a time because of this, not due to its content. Not the ideal way to enjoy a Star Trek ep!

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"I have skin in the game, you have sunk cost fallacy, he has Stockholm syndrome" -- tubelite (@tubelite), 2019-01-06

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Gosh, I sure hope nobody has done anything particularly newsworthy! Particularly not something that is going to make me see red!

Boy, bialys sure are delicious, especially when I can eat them secure in the knowledge that absolutely nobody in power is overstepping their authority for silly reasons.

Lemme just take a quick glance....
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"We are all imprisoned by the dictionary. We choose out of that vast, paper-walled prison our convicts, the little black printed words, when in truth we need fresh sounds to utter, new enfranchised noises which would produce a new effect.”

—Mervyn Peake, Titus Groan
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Agent Carter Valentines and Chocolate Box both released this week and I lucked out. MY GIFTS ARE AMAZING.

If This Room Was Burning by [archiveofourown.org profile] glorious_spoon (Agent Carter, 10K, Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
Peggy, Daniel, and Jack are retrieving canisters containing another one of Howard's stolen experiments when they get trapped in a cave in, and one of the canisters is breached. Problem is, Howard was a little less than forthcoming about what exactly was in them...

Absolutely wonderful pollen P/J/D get-together fic (minus any actual sex, it's more like h/c pollen) with hurt/comforty dubcon cuddling!! This COULD NOT POSSIBLY be more relevant to my interests.

true north by anonymous (Agent Carter, 10K, Peggy/Jack/Daniel)
Jack's a suspicious soul at heart. He doesn't trust anyone, least of all himself.

Yes, I got TWO long P/D/J get-together stories, and both of them are delightful: well written and plotty and wonderfully characterized and idtastic. This one is incredibly hurt/comforty with Jack being tortured literally and emotionally, and ALSO about as relevant to my interests as it is possible to get. ♥

Look After You by anonymous (Punisher, 3500 wds, Leo & Frank gen)
Leo knows only two people who got their wisdom teeth out before her, and Mom said no way did it hurt as much as everyone tells you it will, and Dad said no, it really didn’t, but, uh, he wasn’t chewing anything harder than mashed potatoes for almost three weeks afterward.

This is SO GOOD, perfectly bittersweet and richly characterized and full of subtle, well-chosen details. Leo's narrative voice is fantastic.

Post by anonymous (Banshee, 300 wds, Carrie Hopewell + ensemble)
She has no reason to think he’ll receive any mail she sends to the PO Box scrawled across the back of the otherwise-blank postcard from Truth or Consequences, NM. No reason to expect that, even if he is living in the desert and checking his mail, he has any interest in pictures from the Banshee Elementary Penny Carnival.

I GOT A BANSHEE FIC! This was so delightful and unexpected, and it's a glorious little gem of post-canon perfection, beautifully capturing the fabric of life in Banshee and Carrie's place in it.

I loved every single one of these. I just want to cuddle them and enjoy them. Everyone else should read them too. ♥_____♥
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1. Oops, after the hassle replacing my driving license last summer I still have to renew the thing this year as well, don't I? Online appointment list not quite as long as last year; still, I decide to visit the office that opens at 7 AM. Lines not quite as long there as last year either. There's been much news recently about how they'd been asking for only one address-confirming document (utility bill, etc.) where the feds require two. One's what I'd given last year, so I bring along all my documentation again, because the web site implied I should, but nobody ever asks for it. At the last station when they tell me I'm done, I ask. Oh, there's another window for that. Give them my second document, they photocopy it, done.

2. Tybalt's most endearing flaw turns out to be that he loves to lick me. B. too, but especially me. Skin, hair. Raspy tongue, incessant, not a couple dabs. He'll only nestle quietly in my arms if I'm long-sleeved and no skin is within his reach, including my hands. When I get into bed, he gets off where he'd been sitting quietly atop B. and comes over to lick me, and he will not be dissuaded. Not only will this rub me raw, but I can't sleep with that going on. So I have to get up, pick him up, throw him out, and shut the door, every time.

2a. When he is resting in my arms, I notice another characteristic new to me: He purrs silently. You can feel it, but you can't hear it.

3. Diogenes' search for a non-spicy Indian restaurant continues. Place with the extremely tasty but perfectly mild lunch buffet turns out to be not nearly so restrained for dinner. Even if the menu doesn't mark it as spicy, even if you ask for mild. I try it too and it impresses even me: no surface burn, but an impressive dig underneath. Stop at ice cream parlor on the way home for something to cool the mouth. Who makes cookie-dough ice cream with no lumps in it? This place.

4. At work at the synagogue library, we've been wrestling with the problem of what to do with high-quality but superfluous (for our collection) donated books. Latest idea: Install a "take a book" box down by the classroom wing. Custodial staff put it up. Looks like a birdhouse on a pole. Our committee artist has painted it with the tree of life. Yesterday is the dedication. I need to stop by work anyway, so I show up. It's raining, but it looks like the books we've put inside this miniature shuk will stay dry. Rabbi thinks a bit. Despite the claims of Fiddler on the Roof, there isn't a special blessing for everything. Decides to have us sing the Shehecheyanu, the most all-purpose Jewish prayer, praising God for letting us experience whatever it is that's going on. Then we eat strawberries dipped in chocolate.

5. [personal profile] andrewducker thinks the trailer for the Tolkien bio-pic is going to make a few people's heads explode. No, it only makes my head hurt. It looks agonizingly precious.
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Because [personal profile] avani008 is hosting a Mythological Couple Celebration Week over on tumblr, and my writer's block doesn't apply to Mahabharata meta and never has, I made a (bad) photoset and then wrote an essay. Under a cut because it's an essay.

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I'm just so excited to have read a book this week. Because of my headaches and facial pain, etc, I've had a hard time reading, and it makes me sad becuase I love reading. it's not that I love "having read", I love reading itself, the quiet of it, the way time stretches pleasantly and I can immerse myself into a narrative. Sometimes when I finish a book I'm just so happy with the experience that I'm like, "5 stars! Excellent book!" Then later I think more critically and temper my opinion.

Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy

Some of this is copied from my Goodreads:

Intense, absorbing, and beautifully written. This memoir details the author's experience with childhood cancer in her jaw. Unsurprisingly if you know me at all, I especially enjoyed the horse parts: as a teenager, Grealy works at a couple of stables and finds solace in the horses. I appreciated the meditations about how one's face can be a stand-in for one's self.

Contains: harrowing descriptions of medical procedures including surgeries, radiation and chemo, dental procedures, plastic surgery, hospital stays;
Human and animal death;
Descriptions of bullying.

Several times the author uses "blind" as a pejorative.

The flaw of this book, if there is one, is that the beginning parts are intensely detailed, making you feel as if you are there with Grealy, but then the last third of the book is not very detailed at all. Suddenly she's in college, then grad school, then living in Europe. This is the part where she's getting a lot of reconstructive surgery, none of which she's very happy with. I'm not sure how I feel about this part, or about the book as a whole. Sadly Grealy did not live very long, so couldn't reflect more upon this stage of her life. She died of an overdose.

She seemed to have a very interesting and complex inner life, with a fierce intelligence.

This book does not get into disability politics or culture at all, except perhaps in a few scenes where she finds community with fellow patients in hospitals.
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I got on the bus just before a very old lady with a walker and a fancy hat, as the driver let the ramp down first and it makes more sense to park my chair before her walker, kind of shrugging and smiling a little and she nodded and smiled back. I am so relieved she isn’t annoyed. She is very beautiful, her skin drawn very fine over her high cheekbones. On the bus she asked me some questions about my chair. How much… What was the cause… She would like one maybe but feels she needs the exercise. She has a nice accent, faintly British sounding but African or Caribbean, I can’t tell. I talked about my free tai chi class at the senior center. Another lady got on with a very large wide walker and could not get past. “Mira….” she said, grabbing the first lady’s walker to fold it. “No, you can’t…” The walker was not foldable because the basket underneath was full of stuff including Michele Obama’s book. No, no, I’ll go back here (I slowly trundle further back on the luckily uncrowded bus) and turn around, then there’s room. The first lady didn’t want to scoot down a seat. So the one with the large walker was now able to go around and sit next to her. “What does that mean, Cowwwwwmoooca?” “….?” Comooooooca over there on that sign? I peer around the front of the bus. “Cumaica. I ummmm I don’t think that’s a spanish word it’s probably from some indian language like the name of a place. Maybe it’s Mayan? Or like, sounds more like an um, Taino or Arawak sort of language? I don’t know” THe spanish speaking lady nods when I sum this up as “una palabra de los indios?”. Well you can find out. Tell me what it means. “Ok… ok yeah I can look it up right now. (thumbing my phone) I love the internet. OK uhhh it’s definitely gonna be a place name. Yes! It’s a place in Nicaragua.” But what does it MEAN. I don’t know…. I’d have to dig a little more. Another lady gets on the bus, sparkly eyed, about my age, in a cute scarf. “Oh! You! You are so pretty. You look so familiar. You look beautiful, just like my mother!” “Well what a nice compliment. I like that. Thank you!” “Yes, you could be from my village. It is not really a village but it was. In Ethiopia. Where are your people from?” “I can’t really, we don’t really know a lot but actually I’m researching my geneology and making my family tree. ” “Well you can get the DNA” says the Ethiopian lady. “Yes I’ve been thinking about doing it. I’m going to do it. Did you know you can go to the place, in the East Bay they have a big place, the Mormons, and look up a lot of that history. I don’t know why the Mormons have it but they do.” I chime in. “It’s because they think everyone in their records goes to their heaven.” “They really think that?” “I guess so.” “Well…. huh. ” We all laugh at this.

The Spanish speaking lady with the big walker has to get off the bus. We prepare to do our do-si-do dance in reverse but the bus driver is angry. She is grabbing the Ethiopian lady’s walker but she’s holding onto it tight. “No! You don’t have to do that. She is going to move back there and then she is going around. ” MA’AM…. MA’AM… YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME says the grim bus driver lady. MA’AM YOU HAVE TO LISTEN. We are all arguing with the bus driver and trying to explain we have it under control. The bus driver wrestles the walker away from our dignified friend. “She took it. She didn’t have to do that. Well!” We all look at each other. The lady with the large walker gets off, ducking her head in apology at stirring up a problem. The bus driver gets back onto the bus with the walker. “YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME” she scolds. “YOU SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS? YOU SEE HOW EASY THAT COULD HAVE BEEN? YOU ALMOST GOT THAT LADY FALLING OVER. YOU CAN”T BE TRIPPING THAT OTHER LADY.” “That isn’t how it was, you see, we were going to move back and let her get off.” she said firmly. I spoke up as well and said, that’s how she got on, we just moved for her and it was fine! But, we shrugged and let the driver keep talking. She finally went back to take the wheel. Behind the partition out of her sight, I stick out my tongue like a child, playing to my sympathetic audience so we can get a laugh out of our sadness. “What are you going to do. The truth is the truth.” says our queen. “She has a hard job. But she could have had more respect,” I say. We all laugh kind of like we just did at the Mormons’ database of heaven.

“My mother would like you.” our friend resumed. “The place where my village, not really a village, it is a PROVINCE, well, it was good, and the people were so friendly and good. Well, now, you could not even buy a house, a place just the size of this, this front of the bus, just so little, is 300 thousand dollars! You can’t live there.” “Well…. Someone sure got rich off of that,” I say. “They did, and you know who got rich from it…. ” No… who? “The ones who came to power. They got rich.” We all are thinking on that as the lady my age who looks like the 90 year old Ethiopian lady’s mom gets off the bus waving to us. “I am going to the doctor. The new one isn’t as good, because, they aren’t by the ferry building, so I don’t get as nice of a lunch.” We discuss the pleasures of the Ferry building and then I have to go. Sometimes the ephemeral nature of these bus friendships gets to me. I think that I will have a good old age someday. There will be moments of indignity but also we will have solidarity and a good time.

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1. Free Solo, which is an awesome documentary about someone who should know better, and the people around him, who are simultaneously supportive and terrified. And his girlfriend is ridiculously pretty. So good: I hope it wins the Oscar.

2. Season 2 of The Dragon Prince dropped last night, and I'm already 4 episodes in.

3. Co-workers sent me a Harry & David box of fruit and nuts this week, which was awesome.

4. I'm going to Ireland in June! Pray for good weather.

5. I have a pot of Mark Bittman's vegetable cassoulet on the stove.
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I ended up getting almost nothing done this past week due to coming down with a severe head cold and staying in bed most of the past 4 days. I still feel stuffy but at least my brains are no longer leaking out of my nose and I can think again for more than ten minutes at a time.

Unfortunately that grayout period included Will's birthday. I gave him a small handful of presents I had bought beforehand and Robby took him out for frozen yogurt, but we didn't manage any sort of group celebration. I'm hoping I can make it up to him over the weekend.

We also skipped celebrating Valentine's Day, but we have symphony tickets for tomorrow night, which could be a date night if I can find a babysitter on short notice.
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I got one After Final amendment on my Expedited docket this week, and I dealt with that. I also got three more ordinary amendments on my Amended docket, and didn’t deal with any of my old or new regular amendments, so I’m now up to seven amendments on my Amended docket, and one Board decision on my Special Amended docket.

I finished an Office Action on my oldest Regular New case this week, and I am working on an Office Action on another Regular New, which I hope to finish by Tuesday at 3:00 PM. In fact, I’m hoping to write an Office Action on one of my amendments, or confirm abandonment of a rejected case, or both. We’ll see how far I get.
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(I'm not saying that Squirrel Nut Zippers' "Meant to Be" is intended to be about decluttering and finding that one perfect object you absolutely have to keep, but it's very fun to listen to it that way.)

Tonight I showed X the cute gay couple episode of Tidying Up ("I feel like I was just punched in the face by niceness," they said), and then we turned around and considered the bookcase behind us.

The right-now book )

Categories of maybe-keep-maybe-not books )

Categorizing the books in this fashion made it easy to pull down a dozen or so and send them on their merry way. X reminded me not to do too much tonight—I have a cold (again) and have been sleeping very badly (again) and that's not ideal for this sort of emotional task—so I channeled my tidying urges into trimming the extremely large mattress-type tags off our new dining chair cushions and agreeing with X and J that we should get rid of our coat tree, which is huge and space-occupying in a non-useful way.

And now I'm going to to take a long hot bath and read High Stakes, because it said "Read me now!" and there is no better reason to read a book.

EDIT: It was just as good as I remember, and I had forgotten enough of the plot to get very tense in a few places and appreciate how it all went down. Absolutely an A+ keeper—I may have to wait another 20 years to forget the plot again, but when I want to read it I will be very glad to have it to hand.
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It's like a roller coaster in my HEAD!

I'm so vertiginous I'm nearly teal!

The pun, explained. )

Kid still has nausea. We went to see a candidate speak. Muwhahahaha! Kid coped well, though.

I am very glad for the wayback machine, as I needed to get a quote from a review for Reasons.

In other, similar news, I have managed to best Sigil in a fair fight, I think. I still want Vellum, which I hear is much better, but I think I have made something at least reasonable. Which seems to work.

Did you know that if you want to put a cover into Sigil, you have to make a blank page at the front, put it in book view, and then insert the image? It won't insert unless you have it in book view. (Aka WYSIWYG view.)

That said, after I got a *slimmed down* stylesheet to look at, I'm actually okay with CSS stuff kindasorta.

Havva Quote
"Books are like people. They can be beautiful on the outside and it’s wonderful when they are, but what counts is the inside. And the inside of a book can be communicated in a dozen different ways, and cheaply enough that everyone can have access. And everyone should."
--M.C.A. Hogarth (Rose Point (Her Instruments, #2)) via Goodreads

INwatch+Bookwatch )
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A new journalism podcast looks to history to counter ‘objectivity’

“A lot of great journalism in the United States and all over the world has been journalism that stood for something,” says Wallace. “Standing up to power requires standing for something. Standing for nothing at all in the Jim Crow era is like, well, we accept segregation.”

For reporters from underrepresented communities—reporters of color, queer and transgender reporters, disabled reporters, poor reporters—taking a neutral stance on their own humanity isn’t an option.

Wallace notes the long history of the black press—coined “a fighting press”—for its track record of pursuing stories that challenge white racism, reporting on issues and people that have been traditionally ignored by other news outlets, and for openly advocating for the acquirement of human and civil rights for black people in America. Newspapers by and for other marginalized communities have done similar work.

“You had LGBT papers doing the preeminent investigative coverage and human interest coverage of AIDS for years and years before mainstream papers covered it,” adds Wallace. “And those are papers that have been written out of official journalistic history as niche, or as advocacy journalism.”

The podcast, which will be produced by Ramona Martinez alongside Wallace, will feature a range of episodes about how seminal eras of American history, such as lynching and the spread of AIDS, were reported. It will also tackle contemporary issues, including the Black Lives Matter movement, coverage of transgender people, the #MeToo movement, and coverage of both overt and what Wallace calls “status quo” white supremacy.MORE

Here is the Kickstarter
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We Wish to Plead Our Own Cause:The past and future of America’s black press

From its inception, the black press has been fighting. Fifty years after the American Revolution, while the country built its wealth and global prominence on the basis of violent chattel slavery, free black people living in northern coastal cities, particularly New York and Philadelphia, came to sense that their ongoing struggle for human rights and dignity would need a platform. Black churches and social societies aimed at self-improvement were not enough to improve the conditions of a people. Newspapers of the time worked against them, by pushing negative stereotypes of both enslaved and free black Americans—as violent, uncivil, and unfit for basic rights afforded to other citizens. Journalists like Mordecai Manuel Noah, the editor of The New York Enquirer, a four-page tabloid, advocated for the transport of free black people out of the US to Liberia; in editorials, he cheered in anticipation of their untimely deaths on the journey.

Early ventures into black-focused journalism began with a collective of prominent preachers, orators, and abolitionists. In A History of the Black Press (1997), Armistead Pride and Clint Wilson II write that, within that group, a newspaper—owned, written, and edited by black people—emerged as a valuable tool “to give free persons of color a voice they otherwise lacked.” Like the newspapers and pamphlets that helped birth a movement for American independence, the black press would serve to unite people in a fight for their lives.

Freedom’s Journal, the first newspaper to be published solely by black people in America, debuted in New York City on March 16, 1827. In a front-page essay, the paper’s editors, Samuel Cornish, a reverend, and John Russwurm, one of the first black graduates of an American college, went to great lengths to distinguish it from existing abolitionist newspapers—controlled by white people who, they wrote, “too long have spoken for us.” Put simply, they continued, “We wish to plead our own cause.” Freedom’s Journal would seek, through the universal attainment of civil rights, education, and character development, to “vindicate our brethren, when oppressed, and to lay the case before the publick.” The men sought to use the newspaper as a tool in pursuit of a common goal—full citizenship and equal rights.


Danielle Belton, the editor of The Root, finds that the work of telling stories that cover the most vulnerable communities remains a job for the black press. Reports that appear on The Root and its competitors generate attention to problems—like white people calling the police on black people for frivolous reasons—that later become dominant narratives in the mainstream. The distinct moral view of black publications gets transferred, gradually, into universally accepted moral clarity. What that pattern reveals, Belton points out, is that “objectivity” is a false premise—too much gets missed in its name.

“There is this perception that the only person who can be objective is a white man, even though he comes with his own prejudices and background,” she says. “The notion of impartiality, that people can turn all their biases off and report purely, is a fantasy.” She adds, “The difference between The Root and a more mainstream publication is that we are honest with the fact that we bring with us our blackness, our femaleness, maleness, when we are reporting. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking The Root is a left-leaning blog. It’s a pro-black blog.” MORE
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Here is a list of things I was mentally shouting at the screen during A Particular Scene of this episode...

Is this what TNG would have been like if Admiral Necheyev had been written like an actual person? )
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February 15th, 2019
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oops I disappeared for a month but in my defense it's a very weird February here in Virginia.

anyway, I've been watching Star Trek: Discovery and I like it.

At one point, the admiral describes Pike and Leland, skeptically, as "Old friends who don't shake hands?" and that's basically the description of a ship type that I can certainly never pass up.
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[personal profile] melannen reminded me -- OMG, remember when people made NASA rover (and other) accounts on LJ?

Opportunity M. Rover - [livejournal.com profile] opportunitygrrl

Stardust - [livejournal.com profile] stardustboy

Spirit - [livejournal.com profile] spiritrover

Gravity Probe B - [livejournal.com profile] gravity_probe_b

Hubble Telescope - [livejournal.com profile] hubbletelescope

Geostationary Weather Satellites - [livejournal.com profile] goes_sat

Mars 3 - [livejournal.com profile] mars3 (This one went all out: 'I am Mars 3, superior space exploration technology of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. With Comrade PROP-M, I explore Mars for the greater glory of the Soviet People and to undermine the thinly veiled attempts at interplanetary oppression by the capitalist United States and their "Viking" missions. For Comrade Secretary Brezhnev, for Comrade Lenin, I advance, inspired by the Beautiful Socialist Cause!')

Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer - [livejournal.com profile] fuse_sat

Mars Beagle - [livejournal.com profile] mars_beagle

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory - [livejournal.com profile] soho_sat

Voyager - [livejournal.com profile] voyager_at_90au

That's all the ones I could find. I wonder who made them.

And there are official(?) Twitter accounts:

Curiosity - [twitter.com profile] MarsCuriosity

Spirit and Oppy - [twitter.com profile] MarsRovers

(I thought there were more?) Also, some beautiful art from Twitter.
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Tuesday [July] 6 [1847] start 8 oclock. go 18 miles. camp on the bank of a stream from the platt river where the Indians had camped. we burnt their wickeups for wood. some waided the river to get wood. brought it over on their backs. the camp did not all get up last night neither have they to night. Smoots co have not been heard from since Monday. Grants co did not get up to night.

~ "The Diary of Patty Sessions, 1847," Covered Wagon Women: Diaries & Letters from the Western Trails, 1840-1849, page 168. I have added punctuation, month, and year.

You guys, this is a great book, but when I got to this part I actually SAID OUT LOUD, "But that didn't belong to you!" See? They came across a Native American camp, tore the shelters apart, and burned them for fuel. Now, yes, maybe the Indians had abandoned the camp and weren't coming back, but how could these settlers have known that? Omfg. :-(

Anyway. Here is something awesome -- a first print, first edition, SIGNED COPY of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Omfg again, but in a good way. His WORKING COPY. This is like ... a holy grail. :DDD
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DIRGE zine logo

I'm gonna be in a zine.
Well, if it funds, I'll be in a zine. (Maybe it'll be a zine later if it doesn't fund? I dunno.) It's a zine for contributors who aren't straight-cis-white-dudes:
We need more diverse games that take us places we never even knew that we wanted to go. We need more diverse voices. Having a diverse range of ideas will keep the industry alive and vibrant. Ten years from now role-playing games will look much different than they do today and encouraging creators to embrace that evolution will be important.
Be nice to me, folks; this is the first time I've sent off my work to a total stranger to be published. Presumably, I get paid for this, although the details are fuzzy right now.

I'll have a short story about my goblins. Maybe an essay about goblin society, depending on space constraints.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until the morning of March 3; it's about halfway funded.
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2/15/19  Rehab:
  Warm up: .25 mile walking
  Stationary Cycle:  15 min, level 4, 76rpms, 6.8mets (lets call it .75mi walking equivalent)
  Treadmill: 14min, 3.0mph, 7.0 degree incline, .70mi
  Cool down: some walking

Today, eor travelled 1.7 miles on the journey from Bag End to Rivendell.

Continued on the journey to Rivendell

A total of 43.83 miles along the way.

Generated by Eor's Walk Tool inspired by Eowyn Challenge.net
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2/14/19, at gym:
  Warm up: .10 mile walking
  Treadmill: 40min, 2.9mph, 7.0 degree incline, 6.0 mets, 1.93 mi
  Stationary Cycle:  10 min, level 5, 68rpms, 5.5mets (lets call it .50mi walking equivalent)
  Cool down: .10 mile walking

Today, eor travelled 2.63 miles on the journey from Bag End to Rivendell.

Heard a Black Rider, met elves, and continued on with the elves.
Walked through more dense woods.

A total of 42.13 miles along the way.

Generated by Eor's Walk Tool inspired by Eowyn Challenge.net
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