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davidcook: (Cat, cat)

davidcook's Journal

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Created on 2009-04-18 03:22:54 (#90898), last updated 2018-01-02 (67 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:Melbourne, (states/regions/territories), Australia
Things I like, in no particular order :
- fencing (been doing it for 16 years or so, focusing on epee for most of those)
- cycling (when the weather's nice)
- photography (lots of photos at my LJ Scrapbook, and a few at Flickr)
- science fiction/speculative fiction/fantasy/sci-fi/SF/etc (books, TV, films, games, comics, manga/anime, art, whatever. Also attend conventions (fan-run variety) from time to time)
- juggling (don't spend much time on it these days; can still juggle 5 balls :-) )
- music (many different styles, although usually I'm quite picky within a style)
- Chinese (我的汉语不太好! "one day" I'll get back to learning/re-learning ...)
- Scotland ([ profile] rwrylsin and I lived in Scotland for 4.5 years, based in Glasgow, and I loved it)
- computers (I must like them, I seem to spend an awful lot of time in front of them ... )
- flute (played a lot in high school, not very much since then. "one day" I'll get a new Shiny! and start practicing again ... )
- Melbourne (moved back here from the UK in November 2008, after previously living here from 1997 to 2004.)
- Adelaide (where I lived from 1978 to 1997)
- Australia (err, pretty obvious, really :-) )
- castles (as you might guess from the photos in the Scrapbook)
- cats (we have two ! Abby and Ella, lovely ginger tabbies)

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